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Great Leadership at Adventure Language Camp

Velichko Beliovski – Camp Director

He oversees the day-to-day operations of Adventure Language Camp, provides leadership to all staff, and is the camp liaison to campers and parents. He is passionate about serving children through youth camps and the unparalleled context it provides for the social, physical, mental, and emotional growth of young people.

Nora Miteva – PR  and Camp Coordinator in Germany

Vladimir Ivanov – PR and Camp Coordinator in Romania, Serbia and Macedonia

Tzveta Rashkova – CEO of the travel agency ”Bultrvel” 

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Our animators will bring the children to the games world! Olympiades, treasure hunts, dance… and so much more creative activities. The children will meet new friends and discover the campsite with the help of our great entertaining team!

Language Coaches

Our language coaches implement and develop into Adventure language camp exciting outdoor learning method “Play and study”, which improved children’s motivation, attitudes to learning and standards of achievement.

            Animation :

Kids’ animators in adventure language ALS camps are arranging sport, group and creativity games for our campers based on age range. Pool games, face painting, workshop, puppet theatre are being performed by the children aged 6-12. Teen campers can take a part in dance lessons, sport tournaments and shows. The activities are being held in the kids club, on playgrounds and in the pool. The combination and balance of Mini-disco, Karaoke, Quizzes, Bingo, Theme dance nights, Subject Party turn the late afternoon or evening shows into unforgettable events.

Children are encouraged by our language coaches to be playful, creative, and curious all while engaging the interest to foreign languages through an artistic lens.

These experiences expand the horizons of young people, opening their eyes to the wonders of areas such as art, heritage, culture, adventure and the natural world.

               We love children!!!


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