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 What is about ALS?

ALS is an unique trade mark for  foreign language studies by innovative way in environmentally friendly and in the ecological environment with animation activities.

ALS is an adventure school for studying foreign languages, during the holiday and a great alternative to rationalize the free time of the students, when they are out of home.

 What we offer?

*English language camps for 6 to 18 years old children: 5, 7 or 14 -days camps, with five meals per day in the hotel facilities of our hotel partners, in cozy mountain style with excellent conditions for staying, studying and having  a good time.

*Good prices and having the possibility for early booking and differed payment.

 Accent: studyng + animation


*Studying in eco class – studying English language in beautiful natural environment . During the one-week camp, the accent is above the conversational form of the language by interactive activities, educational and science, fixed and music games. During the 14 days camps we have an intensive English language studying. The children are separated it two groups and it depends on their English language level.

*A professional team of teachers and animators .


 Important Animation for adventures:

•Adventures in the mountain: Marches and rituals; familiarization with the landmarks of the nature, orientation activities and finding a treasure; building a nature shelter and ignition of campfire; cooking a healthy food. Adventure near the river with rubber boots and gloves, fishing and crab fishing, evening lighting show.

•Sports and racing team games, swimming and  bicycle riding;

•Funny games for dexterity, precision and accuracy for overcoming obstacles;

•Science and fixed games in indoors for stimulation of the intelligence and  financial literacy ;

•Club activities; games with creative kit assembly, painting and decoration, applied arts; forest cooking, activities with computers;

*Disco with DJ every evening;

Special prizes:

certificate + t–shirt + cap


• In the adventure language camps we are keeping regulations of the law for organization and conduction of student recreation.

• Medical services and security.

• Our tour operator Bultravel is licensed.

АLS is an endless adventure!

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