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Using the innovative formula of “Learn and study”, based on educational games and animation for children, we create an  unique educational product with trade mark ALS, which we  started as a new project first in two public kindergartens in Sofia and in private language study “Lukcho”. Now we successfully apply it adventure language camps.

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Studying  a foreign language by uninteresting way for the children can turn, during the holidays, into an adventure and unique,  enthralling way,  only as we play games! The game has its own and strong emotional charge, which helps children to develop their mental activation and very fast to concentrate to the recreational activities which children like and prefer. Five of our team members are the authors of  the first textbook for tourist animation for children.

ALS is endless adventure!

To make the children  and students staying, in our camps an unforgettable experience, our animators, teachers and doctors and pool guard are taking care  for the children, during all the time.

We have our own educational technologies for teaching children foreign languages by a modern and innovative way, platform  for on – line studying and test evaluation of knowledge, 12 laptops.

We are in process of making an animation program for each of the season, which we are doing by many team games in the nature, creative games and club activities and fixed games for developing of the intelligence and  knowledge of the children.

For the mountains adventure we have three big tents, two small tents a tent and folding caves shelter for 20 peoples, rubber buts for hunting crabs, rubber gloves and sport and fishing accessories , 12 bicycles, too. Each night we have a disco and karaoke with its own professional equipment.

        Share your holidays with our camps ALS!!!

ALS team